Weekend Away In Style

An afternoon at Barbour with Debbie Wright
photography by TODD FAIRCHILD
“It’s a spontaneous weekend away. The warmth of your face from a roaring fire. It’s a hearty pub lunch, surrounded by people you love. It’s walking the dog on a crisp, winter morning. It’s spending quality time with friends and family, and building memories that last a lifetime.”      – Barbour
This is what you discover when you shop at Barbour and why Seasons of New Haven chose it as our featured boutique for this heartwarming season.
Your weekend getaway wardrobe should include endless options that fit into an overnight bag. Simple and stylish is easy when you pack a pair of straight leg denim jeans, striped tops, vests and cute accessories. You can get multiple wears out of the same pair of bottoms while maximizing multiple shoe options which can range from tall boots to comfy walking shoes. Layering is key when catering to a weekend filled with memorable moments and experiences. Pack light with the right pieces and enjoy the adventures life has in store for you.

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