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Farm-to-Table Favorites

Turn your latest haul from the farm into a savory tart, homemade hummus, and a seasonal salad

You could pretty much consider me a bear in the wintertime. I don’t hibernate, but I eat like I need to build up a thick layer of fat to survive the cold, harsh months in Connecticut’s tundra. I stuff my body with one warm, hearty meal after the next and don’t even think about excessive calories because aren’t those what oversized sweaters and puffy down coats are meant to hide?

Alas, there comes a point every winter when I wake up to reality. My body has had enough. I crave brightness. I crave acidity. I crave all things green that grow from the ground. Conveniently, this is around the same time that local farms start promoting their CSAs (many Seasons readers hold shares in Community Supported Agriculture programs, entitling them to a weekly allotment of crops). This is wonderful timing: I can sign up to buy a bunch of light, bright, healthy foods weeks before they actually start growing. Consequently, before I’ve nibbled a carrot, I feel I’m doing something to combat the layer of insulation I’ve accrued in my warm apartment.

By June, I’m already three weeks into my CSA, and I’m inundated with veggies. My counter is covered in asparagus. I have enough arugula to feed a football team. If I eat one more carrot, I will likely turn orange.

There’s always that point in the CSA season when it’s hard to know what to do with the latest haul. That’s when I turn to three trusty recipes. The tart is good for times when you want something substantial, while the hummus makes a quick and easy snack, and the salad is perfect on days when you can’t even think about steaming another vegetable.

Farms are currently accepting sign-ups for their CSAs. Find a complete list of CSAs in the state at

Photographed by Alycia Chrosniak